The Motivational Book: Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies For Attaining Your Greatest Goals

How do you refuel your mind? Are you motivated by movies, music or books?

I have always found inspiration in all of those media, especially in great books. They’ve given me the energy to bust through barriers and charge great goals relentlessly.

Over the years I’ve kept notes of: the most important life lessons I’ve learned, the most powerful quotes I’ve read, and the most effective strategies for attaining goals. These are the tips that motivate me, and I share them with my clients. Now, I’ve put these tips into writing in my new book Live Your Dreams, Powerful Strategies For Attaining Your Greatest Goals.  The book is packed with exciting parables, clear strategies, and creative ideas.

It’s scheduled for release later this month. If you’re looking for some motivation, grab a copy on or Kindle.  I hope you enjoy it!


Opportunities in Life

As I see the autumn leaves changing colors and drifting to the ground, I am reminded of opportunities in life. They represent those experience in life that bring incredible joy, yet only reveal themselves for a finite amount of time.

Right now the New England foliage is absolutely spectacular. If I want,  I could ignore it and carry on with my everyday routine. But then I would be wasting an opportunity to see radiant outdoor beauty.

In life, opportunities may arise when we expect them, or when we least expect them. They might be as vivid as the bright leaves of fall, or hidden from clear view. But what is most important, is that we clearly identify them, be agile and seize them.

Keep your eyes open for great opportunities in life. An opportunity might be: meeting an interesting person, career advancement, or a new adventure. Ask yourself, “What great opportunity is around me today?” and, “How can I pursue that opportunity?”

Leveraging Free Resources

Are you utilizing technology to most effectively attain you goals? There are powerful free resources that surround us every day. The internet and internet videos allow us to learn about almost any subject and to learn almost any new skill. Whether it’s learning automobile repair principals,  how to build a website, or even a new language – there are thousands of videos that can teach these skills for free. Never before in the history of mankind has the average person had access to so much free information and so many resources.

For years Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been offering free online classes. Just recently,  MIT News  announced  the K12 initiative. The goal of which is for students to produce high quality internet videos which teach science and engineering concepts. These videos are being offered to the public at no cost. This marks a significant step forward in abundant, free and high quality online education.

What are your top three goals right now? Have you considered how free resources can help you attain each one? Are you taking advantage of these tools to most effectively leverage your time?

Feed Your Mind Well

Our thoughts are influenced by everything we see, hear and experience.  These stimuli include books, movies, music, newspapers, websites, people and events.

If you spend a week reading history books, then those books will influence how you perceive the world. They might create a mental filter which will transform a brick building into a revolutionary war landmark.

The ideas we feed our mind influence how we perceive the world.  If you trash your mind with negative inputs, then you can expect to have a negative perception of the world.  Conversely, if you feed your mind great ideas, you will then feel surrounded by great opportunities.

Negative inputs include television news and websites that terrorize you with the world’s problems. How many news stories are about scandals, murders, disasters, and corruption? After seeing those images how do you feel? Positive inputs may include scientific journals updating you on  technological breakthroughs. After reading about progress made by mankind, how do you feel about the future?

Remove negative inputs from your life and welcome positive ones. This will help you develop a filter for seeing the opportunities that surround you.