Garbage Trucks and Goals

Have you ever driven down the highway behind a garbage truck? Maybe the truck is 100 feet in front of you or 500 feet in front of you. As long as you’re driving behind the truck, you will continue to see plastic bags, rotten banana peals and rancid carrion. As long as you drive behind the garbage truck you will continue to smell the repulsive garbage. The only way to get past this unpleasant experience, is to exert some extra effort and speed past the garbage truck.

Likewise, in life sometimes we have garbage in front of us which prevents us from enjoying life. This garbage can include working at an unpleasant job, dealing with negative relationship and other problems. These problems will continue to plague your life unless you exert the extra energy to speed past them. To get beyond an unpleasant job you’ll need to exert energy to interview for a better one. To get beyond negative a negative relationship it’ll take effort to meet better people. Getting beyond any problem requires exerting energy.

The sooner you exert that extra effort, the sooner you can enjoy a life without the garbage. But if you never exert that extra energy then your entire journey will be trashed. The sooner you take action to solve your problems in life, the sooner you can enjoy your dreams.

How Small Problems Distract Us

Small Problems in Life

Small problems in life, are like a pebble in your sandal.

Have you ever had a small pebble in your sandal? It’s distracting and painful. If the problem is not resolved immediately, the pain will continue indefinitely. It will continue to distract you from your daily activities.Yet, it takes just a second to remove a pebble from your sandal, right? When a pebble is jabbing into your heal, it’s obvious that you should quickly remove it. But what about, when little chores in life distract you from your goals? Is that obvious too?  Errands like replacing a dead car headlight, greasing a squeaky door, or cleaning out the refrigerator – are all easy to address.

Anytime you find yourself faced with a small distraction -  one that takes just two minutes to fix – get it done right then and there. These small distraction charge interest. Each day they are not addressed, they will distract you from your goals. Like grime collecting on a windshield, they will clog your vision from what is important in life. Once you remove these distractions from your life, it will become easier to focus on your goals.

Reflect for a moment on a small task in your life – One that has bothered you repeatedly.  Address it right now.

The Learning Curve and Perfection

Does your desire to be perfect prevent you from taking on bold new goals? I’ve met many people who don’t even try to pursue their goals because they fear failure.  They give up before even attempting the goal. They say “I’m no good at… so why should I even try?”

Whether the goal is to get in better shape, find a better job, or master a skill – improvement takes time.  Pablo Picasso, Michael Jordan, and Jerry Seinfeld, were all kids at one point.  Did they have their talents at the age of 5 years old? I doubt it. They became the best at art, basketball and comedy respectively, through practice and repetition.  Picasso pained over 20,000 pieces of art in his lifetime, Jordan played thousands of basketball games and Seinfeld spent thousands of hours performing.

Recognize that it will take time to improve your skills and accomplish big goals. Accept the fact that learning a new skill or taking on a great new goal will require overcoming a learning curve. Don’t let the fear of that first step prevent exciting new adventures.

Bird of Feather, Flock Together

Studies have shown that your peer group and family will greatly affect your lifestyle habits. This includes your expectations of: health, fitness, income and values. You’re more likely to be healthy, if you surround yourself with healthy people, and your income is likely to be within 10% of your 5 closest friends, etcetera.

Therefore, it’s important to select a peer group that is supportive of your goals and dreams. If you surround yourself with people who are negative, this will foster a disempowering mentality. Conversely, if you surround yourself with positive, motivated and ambitious people  – then you are more likely to have those same traits.

Surround yourself with people who support you in your endeavors.

Feed Your Mind Well

Our thoughts are influenced by everything we see, hear and experience.  These stimuli include books, movies, music, newspapers, websites, people and events.

If you spend a week reading history books, then those books will influence how you perceive the world. They might create a mental filter which will transform a brick building into a revolutionary war landmark.

The ideas we feed our mind influence how we perceive the world.  If you trash your mind with negative inputs, then you can expect to have a negative perception of the world.  Conversely, if you feed your mind great ideas, you will then feel surrounded by great opportunities.

Negative inputs include television news and websites that terrorize you with the world’s problems. How many news stories are about scandals, murders, disasters, and corruption? After seeing those images how do you feel? Positive inputs may include scientific journals updating you on  technological breakthroughs. After reading about progress made by mankind, how do you feel about the future?

Remove negative inputs from your life and welcome positive ones. This will help you develop a filter for seeing the opportunities that surround you.