100 Life Goals

Maybe you’re working a “bucket list” or maybe you’re just bored at work and need some motivation. Whatever the case is, big bold goals will give you something to look forward to. Your goals should be so exciting that it’s hard to sleep at night. I’ve made this list to inspire myself, I hope you enjoy it!

  1. To make a positive contribution to the world which influences 1 million people
  2. Maintain excellent personal health and fitness
  3. Have a loving family and great friends
  4. Live in another country for one month
  5. Raise a family
  6. Scuba dive in a coral reef
  7. To have a 1 on 1 dinner with the President of the United States or my favorite rock star
  8. Produce a feature length movie
  9. Start a band
  10. Write a song
  11. Write a New York Times top ten bestselling book
  12. Produce a music video with 10 million hits on YouTube
  13. To be featured as a guest on my favorite television show
  14. To be featured as a guest on a radio show
  15. Carve a life-size lion from a block of Italian marble
  16. Try zero gravity weightlessness
  17. Learn 3D computer animation
  18. Learn wax-bronze casting
  19. Learn guitar
  20. Surf in Hawaii
  21. To rule or lead a small country
  22. To drive a Ferrari 200 miles per hour
  23. Ice fish
  24. Go white-water rafting
  25. Spend a year in a small hut living on a tropical island
  26. Design my own house
  27. Build a stone wall
  28. Build my own furniture in my own woodwork shop
  29. Build a post and beam barn
  30. Build a boat
  31. Learn to swim
  32. Travel by helicopter
  33. Travel by submarine
  34. Travel by snowmobile
  35. Travel by dog sled in Alaska
  36. Travel by hot air balloon
  37. Travel by fighter jet
  38. Travel by train across America
  39. Travel by cruise ship
  40. Travel through the Panama Canal
  41. Visit the Great Redwood Forest of California
  42. Attend the Superbowl
  43. Attend the World Cup
  44. Attend the World Series
  45. Attend the PGA Tour
  46. Attend a NBA Championship game
  47. Attend Octoberfest in Germany
  48. Attend Burning Man in Nevada
  49. Attend professional stunt driving classes
  50. Attend the Cannes Film Festival
  51. To see an active volcano
  52. Sleep in a hotel made of ice
  53. Visit every continent
  54. Visit Niagara Falls
  55. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  56. Visit the North Pole
  57. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  58. Visit the Roman Coliseum
  59. Visit the Great Wall of China
  60. Visit the Taj Mahal
  61. Visit Stonehenge
  62. Visit the Sistine Chapel in Italy
  63. Vacation in India
  64. Vacation in China
  65. Vacation in Brazil
  66. Vacation in Mediterranean
  67. Vacation in New Zealand
  68. Vacation in Grand Canyon
  69. Vacation in Bahamas
  70. Vacation on a cruise ship
  71. Vacation in Hawaiian Volcanoes
  72. Vacation in Santorini, Greece
  73. Fly around the world
  74. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  75. See the Aurora Borealis
  76. Safari in Africa to film lions
  77. Learn another language
  78. To hunt a deer
  79. Run a marathon
  80. Complete the Ironman Triathlon
  81. Learn to dance
  82. Kite Surf
  83. Heli ski
  84. Sail 1,000 miles of the ocean
  85. Drive on the German Autobahn
  86. Live off the land sustainably
  87. Grow grapes and produce my own wine
  88. Plant 5 fruit trees
  89. Build a sustainable neighborhood or town
  90. Create a successful business
  91. Invent and patent a new idea
  92. Start a venture capital firm
  93. Be debt free
  94. Create an alternative energy company
  95. Fund scholarships
  96. Be on a college board of trustees
  97. Be a hometown hero
  98. To become an excellent cook
  99. Live simply
  100. Be happy

The PDFs below will help you design a plan for attaining your Top 100 Life Goals:

For additional tips read the book: Live Your Dreams.

Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies For Attaining Your Greatest Goals

The Motivational Book: Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies For Attaining Your Greatest Goals

How do you refuel your mind? Are you motivated by movies, music or books?

I have always found inspiration in all of those media, especially in great books. They’ve given me the energy to bust through barriers and charge great goals relentlessly.

Over the years I’ve kept notes of: the most important life lessons I’ve learned, the most powerful quotes I’ve read, and the most effective strategies for attaining goals. These are the tips that motivate me, and I share them with my clients. Now, I’ve put these tips into writing in my new book Live Your Dreams, Powerful Strategies For Attaining Your Greatest Goals.  The book is packed with exciting parables, clear strategies, and creative ideas.

It’s scheduled for release later this month. If you’re looking for some motivation, grab a copy on Amazon.com or Kindle.  I hope you enjoy it!


Goal Setting Tip: Create a Wall of Motivation

Wall of Motivation

A Wall of Motivation is a space in your home or office that you look to for inspiration. It includes: a list of your Top 10 Goals, Victories and Motivational Quotes. It should also include posters and pictures of your goals.

Every time you see your Top 10 Goals list, it will remind you to focus on those goals, and prompt you to take action. This list should include a diversified assortment of dreams. Ranging from; extremely challenging to easy and from expensive to affordable. It should include goals related to your personal and professional life. By having a diversified list of goals, you should be able to make progress each day. Perhaps you can’t focus on Goal 1 today, but maybe you can work on Goal 5?

With each of your Top 10 Goals, you must identify the next step. That one next little activity that’s so vital to moving forward. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the big goal in it’s entirety. Focus on just a small piece of it at a time. Identify the next step for each goal.

Another key component to the Wall of Motivation is your list of Victories – which is an outline of your greatest success in life. I like to place this right next to my Top 10 Goals. Why? Because if you ever find yourself doubting a big new goal, you can quickly refer to the list of Victories. Seeing your greatest accomplishments will reinforce your confidence. You may think Goal 1 is really tough. But if you have accomplished Victories 1 through 5, which required incredible hard work, then surely you can accomplish Goal 1 as well.

And if the Victories are not inspiring enough, then the Motivational Quotes should help. Write any quotes that resonate deeply in you. Quotes that have the power to get you revved up, even when it seems the odds are against you.

The Wall of Motivation works incredibly well. I’ve used it myself for several years. Why does it work? I  believe it gives your subconscious a central focal point. It keeps you focused at all times.  You will become persistent – like the waves that erode a rocky coastline. The waves pound the coast every single hour of every single day and overtime they turn massive boulders into specks of sand. The ocean wins because it is persistent.

Create your Wall of Motivation. I recommend using bright colored paper like goldenrod yellow or florescent orange. I find the colors invigorating. Give it a shot and let me know how well it works for you.