Book Review: Unlabeled Selling You Without Selling Out by Mark Echo

I just finished reading this new book by Mark Echo, founder of Echo clothing. Overall I greatly enjoyed this book. It seems like in most business books we only read about the successes of the author, but Echo admits his business failures. After reading this book I felt inspired to build my empire.

Here are my notes.

Page 1. A brand is a religion.

Don’t try to be good at everything in business

Rules to building a Swag bomb:

  • Mike it highly customized
  • Do not send it to the personal address
  • You can hand write the address but never hand write the letter
  • Never you secondhand packaging materials
  • It’s okay to confirm received the package with the receptionist but do not make phone calls in stalk
  • Do not send a headshot
  • Include your phone number email and name
  • Do not gush in admiration be specific in your respect for their work

Page 54. Goalkeepers versus gatekeepers. Gatekeepers stand between you and the chosen goalkeepers are the ones that keep score.

Page 57. Build your left hand. You should understand and address what you don’t know.

Page 73. An athlete can’t wrap. Be authentic. Be true to yourself.

Page 83. Look for the early adopters. Understand what they read. Advertise to them.

Page 109. Perception is not reality. Reality is reality.

Page 116. ODM  original design manufacturers – companies that white brand products.

Page 117. Option two: contract manufacturers, companies create a customized product based on your specs.

Page 119. What you do and say need to match.

Page 141. Core competency for Echo was the sweatshirt. It is the one thing that you do best.

Page 156. For licensing deal to work you need to like the person you’re partnering with.

Page 161. Make your brand appear where  people do not expect it. For example make it appear in a video game.

Page 169. Be humble. Know that there are things you do not know.

Page 177. Failure is the necessary hangover of success.

Page 178. Failure is inevitable. Any mogul who tells you otherwise is full of crap.

Page 190. Buy a really expensive watch that you can’t afford. And then you’ll grow into it. This is like a law of attraction.

Page 203. A brand makes people feel an emotional impact. Like people holding the lighters in a rock concert.

Page 212. Publicist will give you a list of events to attend. You do not need to attend all these events, only attend the ones you want or you will get burnt out.

Page 212. Use mints to keep your breath fresh at all times.

Page 212. Don’t name drop. Don’t ask for business card from a celeb. But it’s okay to give your business card.

Page 212. Treat the personal assistant with respect. Give them your business card as well.

Page 212. Drink water. This is business not a party.

Page 212. You don’t have to meet every celebrity.

Page 212. These events are not about pitching your idea and a hard sell. Relax.

Page 217. Create a foil. It is a way for your consumers to become compatriots and join you in fighting some evil.

Page 221. Make people feel emotion with your product. Make them connect.

Page 226. Having hot models around you will be give you access to clubs.

Page 227. Don’t become arrogant. Just because you’re becoming successful doesn’t mean you need to become arrogant.

Page 257. Consciousness is underrated. You need to be conscious of what’s happening right now. Screw your loyalty to nostalgia.

Page 263. You don’t need to own 100 percent of your own. Selling equity does not mean selling out.

Page 264. An exit strategy is like having a fire escape for a house. You must have one.

Page 269. Don’t hire family. At some point in time you might have to fire them it’s really tough.

Page 270. Is times of trouble you might want to panic. Calm the fuck down. Take time to find peace in nature or with your family.  Seek another input. Seek ideas of other people around you. Plan your goals for each day and weeks ahead. Don’t plan 10 years out. Plan the next 10 weeks or 10 hours.

Page 274. Be willing to saw off your arm if it saves your body. Know when to sell the equity in the company.

Page 275. Who you are and what you do is more important than what any institution thinks of you.

Page 279. Don’t get caught up in being loyal to nostalgia. Be willing to change.

Page 279. When you think of the future don’t think of George Jetson. Think the future twenty minutes from now.

Page 281. He dislikes the word entrepreneur.

Page 281. The secret to success in business is to be authentic. Don’t give the alpha male chest beating speech. Just be authentic.

Page 282. Need to have the courage to dream big, but you also need the discipline and focus to look at what’s in front of your face.

Page 282. Be a creator. Create something new.

Page 283. The gatekeepers don’t matter. The haters don’t matter. So create what you want on your own canvas.

Page 284. Creating an idea is like batting practice. Don’t expect fanfare during those times. You might need to practice alone.

Page 284. Sell without selling out.

Page 286. Fame does not equal success. The real currency is the currency of creativity

Page 288. Don’t force yourself to be labeled into different groups based on how you look or what you wear. Be un-labeled.

Page 290. I’m not a label. I’m not a resume. I’m more than just consumer. I am a creator. I am not fearless. But I will overcome my fear with action. I have a unique voice. This voice is true. I will focus on the goalkeepers, not the the gatekeepers. I have a wealthy contempt the status quo. No institution is sacred. I will create wealth that matters. I will refuse to be defined by the by the skin which is the package. I know that perception is not reality. Reality is reality. I learn by doing. I don’t just go to school, school comes to me for the rest of my life.

“Live Your Dreams” is on the Radio

I’d like to thank Debi Davis and Tom Sarna of WLOB’s Mind Your Own Business Radio for inviting me to speak on their program. Click here for the full audio clip from the broadcast.

If you liked the motivational ideas and would like more inspiration, then order a copy of Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies for Attaining Your Greatest Goals. It’s found on and at Longfellow Books in downtown Portland.

Thanks again Debi and Tom!

How to Publish Your Paperback Book, Kindle Book, Audio Book and Podcasts

Over the past year I’ve spent countless hours trying to get my books, Kindle books, audio books, and Podcasts published.  If you’re looking to get yourself published, use the links below. The links below are one I’ve successfully used to publish my content. Once your content is uploaded you can sit back and collect royalties (although I recommend that you continue to market your content) – no need to worry about packing books or ordering inventory.  It’s a pretty sweet deal.

CreateSpace: This website will publish your books in paperback and sell them on  You simply design your book’s cover and upload a PDF of the content. There is no start-up cost to get your book printed (except for the cost of ordering proofs which might run like $10-20 each). Once you approve your book, it then gets listed on The order is fulfilled by CreateSpace. This represents an incredible opportunity for new or undiscovered authors. Forget spending $1,000 to run small batches of your book. Just use CreateSpace.

Kindle Direct: Use this website to upload your Kindle book to I recommend uploading a Microsoft Word version over a PDF. I found the MS Word format looked better for my books.

ACX: This site which will distribute your audiobooks on I recommend recording your book with a Zoom H4N audio recorder (set the sound to mono). Buy some egg-crate mattress foam from Target or Warmart. Then staple this foam to the walls of a closet or other small room to covert it to a recording studio. The foam will significantly reduce the echo and enhance the professionalism of your recording. Once you’ve recorded the audio I recommend using Garage Band by Apple Computer to edit the files. Then upload the files to ACX. They do review content, so your production quality will need to be good. It takes about 10 days from the time your book gets uploaded until the time it gets listed on their site.

Podcast: This is a new frontier for me. But as best I can tell, this link should walk you through the process.

I wish you great success in self publishing!