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I’ve written several books of humor and one motivational book. All of my books are sold on



Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies For Attaining Your Greatest GoalsLive Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies for Attaining Your Greatest Goals, teaches ordinary people how to attain their extraordinary dreams. I share how you can accomplish your dreams by developing a specific strategy, leveraging technology and using creativity. The book is based on my own experiences.

Some of my personal successes include: running a marathon, producing an feature film, and sailing from the Caribbean to Maine. My professional successes include my work as corporate strategy consultant, where I advised private equity firms, university deans, and Fortune 500 executives. I helped provide solutions to obstacles measured in hundreds of millions dollars.

Live Your Dreams is based on these personal and professional successes. I have enjoyed many extraordinary opportunities; yet, I come from an average background. This book teaches strategies  for attaining similar results. Live Your Dreams, will transform you into a juggernaut and arm you with powerful tools to actualize your boldest dreams!






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