I’m an investor with over a decade of experience in real estate lending and real estate brokerage.  I have also provided strategic advice to state agencies, private equity firms, university deans and other executives. Prior to my real estate career, I helped complete $2.5 billion in derivatives trades at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  I hold a bachelor of science in finance and minor in law from Bentley University. For fun I’ve sailed from the Caribbean to Maine, run a marathon on a whim, authored multiple books and produced the feature film Orchard RevolutionI’m a passionate advocate for environmentally conscious and healthy living. 

You can contact me at: byroncorp(AT)gmail(DOT)com


Oceanfront Kings: Bruce’s 10,000 Square Foot Home in Newport, Rhode Island

Client Testimonial:

Orchard Revolution: Movie Trailer

Orchard Revolution: Full Movie (90 minutes)

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