Opportunities in Life

As I see the autumn leaves changing colors and drifting to the ground, I am reminded of opportunities in life. They represent those experience in life that bring incredible joy, yet only reveal themselves for a finite amount of time.

Right now the New England foliage is absolutely spectacular. If I want,  I could ignore it and carry on with my everyday routine. But then I would be wasting an opportunity to see radiant outdoor beauty.

In life, opportunities may arise when we expect them, or when we least expect them. They might be as vivid as the bright leaves of fall, or hidden from clear view. But what is most important, is that we clearly identify them, be agile and seize them.

Keep your eyes open for great opportunities in life. An opportunity might be: meeting an interesting person, career advancement, or a new adventure. Ask yourself, “What great opportunity is around me today?” and, “How can I pursue that opportunity?”

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