Garbage Trucks and Goals

Have you ever driven down the highway behind a garbage truck? Maybe the truck is 100 feet in front of you or 500 feet in front of you. As long as you’re driving behind the truck, you will continue to see plastic bags, rotten banana peals and rancid carrion. As long as you drive behind the garbage truck you will continue to smell the repulsive garbage. The only way to get past this unpleasant experience, is to exert some extra effort and speed past the garbage truck.

Likewise, in life sometimes we have garbage in front of us which prevents us from enjoying life. This garbage can include working at an unpleasant job, dealing with negative relationship and other problems. These problems will continue to plague your life unless you exert the extra energy to speed past them. To get beyond an unpleasant job you’ll need to exert energy to interview for a better one. To get beyond negative a negative relationship it’ll take effort to meet better people. Getting beyond any problem requires exerting energy.

The sooner you exert that extra effort, the sooner you can enjoy a life without the garbage. But if you never exert that extra energy then your entire journey will be trashed. The sooner you take action to solve your problems in life, the sooner you can enjoy your dreams.

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