How to Publish Your Paperback Book, Kindle Book, Audio Book and Podcasts

Over the past year I’ve spent countless hours trying to get my books, Kindle books, audio books, and Podcasts published.  If you’re looking to get yourself published, use the links below. The links below are one I’ve successfully used to publish my content. Once your content is uploaded you can sit back and collect royalties (although I recommend that you continue to market your content) – no need to worry about packing books or ordering inventory.  It’s a pretty sweet deal.

CreateSpace: This website will publish your books in paperback and sell them on  You simply design your book’s cover and upload a PDF of the content. There is no start-up cost to get your book printed (except for the cost of ordering proofs which might run like $10-20 each). Once you approve your book, it then gets listed on The order is fulfilled by CreateSpace. This represents an incredible opportunity for new or undiscovered authors. Forget spending $1,000 to run small batches of your book. Just use CreateSpace.

Kindle Direct: Use this website to upload your Kindle book to I recommend uploading a Microsoft Word version over a PDF. I found the MS Word format looked better for my books.

ACX: This site which will distribute your audiobooks on I recommend recording your book with a Zoom H4N audio recorder (set the sound to mono). Buy some egg-crate mattress foam from Target or Warmart. Then staple this foam to the walls of a closet or other small room to covert it to a recording studio. The foam will significantly reduce the echo and enhance the professionalism of your recording. Once you’ve recorded the audio I recommend using Garage Band by Apple Computer to edit the files. Then upload the files to ACX. They do review content, so your production quality will need to be good. It takes about 10 days from the time your book gets uploaded until the time it gets listed on their site.

Podcast: This is a new frontier for me. But as best I can tell, this link should walk you through the process.

I wish you great success in self publishing!