10 Rules for Eating Pizza

My brother is passionate about eating great pizza. He’s established these rules to maximize the experience.

  1. Don’t burn you tongue!
  2. Order full pies.
  3. Always go for quality pizza. Life is too short.
  4. Order the largest size available.
  5. Generally choose eating in over boxed pizza to go.
  6. There is no one best style. Deep dish, thin crust, artisan, neighborhood pizzeria, there is a place for all of it.
  7. Do not over-eat.
  8. Know your local pizziaolo/a and respect them as you would any fine craftsman.
  9. There are no rules regarding the use or nonuse of utensils.
  10. The best pizza is that shared with good friends.;

Apply these rules and you’ll learn to appreciate great pizza.