How Small Problems Distract Us

Small Problems in Life

Small problems in life, are like a pebble in your sandal.

Have you ever had a small pebble in your sandal? It’s distracting and painful. If the problem is not resolved immediately, the pain will continue indefinitely. It will continue to distract you from your daily activities.Yet, it takes just a second to remove a pebble from your sandal, right? When a pebble is jabbing into your heal, it’s obvious that you should quickly remove it. But what about, when little chores in life distract you from your goals? Is that obvious too?  Errands like replacing a dead car headlight, greasing a squeaky door, or cleaning out the refrigerator – are all easy to address.

Anytime you find yourself faced with a small distraction -  one that takes just two minutes to fix – get it done right then and there. These small distraction charge interest. Each day they are not addressed, they will distract you from your goals. Like grime collecting on a windshield, they will clog your vision from what is important in life. Once you remove these distractions from your life, it will become easier to focus on your goals.

Reflect for a moment on a small task in your life – One that has bothered you repeatedly.  Address it right now.