Goal Setting Tip: Create a Wall of Motivation

Wall of Motivation

A Wall of Motivation is a space in your home or office that you look to for inspiration. It includes: a list of your Top 10 Goals, Victories and Motivational Quotes. It should also include posters and pictures of your goals.

Every time you see your Top 10 Goals list, it will remind you to focus on those goals, and prompt you to take action. This list should include a diversified assortment of dreams. Ranging from; extremely challenging to easy and from expensive to affordable. It should include goals related to your personal and professional life. By having a diversified list of goals, you should be able to make progress each day. Perhaps you can’t focus on Goal 1 today, but maybe you can work on Goal 5?

With each of your Top 10 Goals, you must identify the next step. That one next little activity that’s so vital to moving forward. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the big goal in it’s entirety. Focus on just a small piece of it at a time. Identify the next step for each goal.

Another key component to the Wall of Motivation is your list of Victories – which is an outline of your greatest success in life. I like to place this right next to my Top 10 Goals. Why? Because if you ever find yourself doubting a big new goal, you can quickly refer to the list of Victories. Seeing your greatest accomplishments will reinforce your confidence. You may think Goal 1 is really tough. But if you have accomplished Victories 1 through 5, which required incredible hard work, then surely you can accomplish Goal 1 as well.

And if the Victories are not inspiring enough, then the Motivational Quotes should help. Write any quotes that resonate deeply in you. Quotes that have the power to get you revved up, even when it seems the odds are against you.

The Wall of Motivation works incredibly well. I’ve used it myself for several years. Why does it work? I  believe it gives your subconscious a central focal point. It keeps you focused at all times.  You will become persistent – like the waves that erode a rocky coastline. The waves pound the coast every single hour of every single day and overtime they turn massive boulders into specks of sand. The ocean wins because it is persistent.

Create your Wall of Motivation. I recommend using bright colored paper like goldenrod yellow or florescent orange. I find the colors invigorating. Give it a shot and let me know how well it works for you.


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