The Learning Curve and Perfection

Does your desire to be perfect prevent you from taking on bold new goals? I’ve met many people who don’t even try to pursue their goals because they fear failure.  They give up before even attempting the goal. They say “I’m no good at… so why should I even try?”

Whether the goal is to get in better shape, find a better job, or master a skill – improvement takes time.  Pablo Picasso, Michael Jordan, and Jerry Seinfeld, were all kids at one point.  Did they have their talents at the age of 5 years old? I doubt it. They became the best at art, basketball and comedy respectively, through practice and repetition.  Picasso pained over 20,000 pieces of art in his lifetime, Jordan played thousands of basketball games and Seinfeld spent thousands of hours performing.

Recognize that it will take time to improve your skills and accomplish big goals. Accept the fact that learning a new skill or taking on a great new goal will require overcoming a learning curve. Don’t let the fear of that first step prevent exciting new adventures.

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