Leveraging Free Resources

Are you utilizing technology to most effectively attain you goals? There are powerful free resources that surround us every day. The internet and internet videos allow us to learn about almost any subject and to learn almost any new skill. Whether it’s learning automobile repair principals,  how to build a website, or even a new language – there are thousands of videos that can teach these skills for free. Never before in the history of mankind has the average person had access to so much free information and so many resources.

For years Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been offering free online classes. Just recently,  MIT News  announced  the K12 initiative. The goal of which is for students to produce high quality internet videos which teach science and engineering concepts. These videos are being offered to the public at no cost. This marks a significant step forward in abundant, free and high quality online education.

What are your top three goals right now? Have you considered how free resources can help you attain each one? Are you taking advantage of these tools to most effectively leverage your time?

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