Feed Your Mind Well

Our thoughts are influenced by everything we see, hear and experience.  These stimuli include books, movies, music, newspapers, websites, people and events.

If you spend a week reading history books, then those books will influence how you perceive the world. They might create a mental filter which will transform a brick building into a revolutionary war landmark.

The ideas we feed our mind influence how we perceive the world.  If you trash your mind with negative inputs, then you can expect to have a negative perception of the world.  Conversely, if you feed your mind great ideas, you will then feel surrounded by great opportunities.

Negative inputs include television news and websites that terrorize you with the world’s problems. How many news stories are about scandals, murders, disasters, and corruption? After seeing those images how do you feel? Positive inputs may include scientific journals updating you on  technological breakthroughs. After reading about progress made by mankind, how do you feel about the future?

Remove negative inputs from your life and welcome positive ones. This will help you develop a filter for seeing the opportunities that surround you.

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