A Practical Strategy for Living Your Dreams and Attaining Your Greatest Goals

Over the past twelve years I’ve developed effective strategies for living my dreams. They have allowed me to: sail a 39 foot long boat from the Caribbean to Maine, to be Executive Producer of an indie film with a 30 person cast, and to run a marathon.  My professional life has been equally action packed. My work has ranged from working in Manhattan for a dot-com company during the peak of the dot-com bubble, to providing corporate strategy advice. In the latter, I worked on a four-person team to advised private equity firms, university deans and health care executives. My work influenced billion-dollar decisions.

Candidly, I’m just an average guy coming from humble background. Great wealth has not been the key to attaining my goals. Rather, the key has been my strategic approach. My goal with this website is to share it, so you may live your boldest dreams.

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